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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : From the Imam Mahdi to all the Muslims in the worlds of the Arab and the Foreign..

13-01-2015, 12:24 AM
Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

20 - 12 - 1432 AH
17 - 11 - 2011 AD
05:41 am

From the Imam Mahdi to all the Muslims in the worlds of the Arab and the Foreign..

In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, and peace be upon my grandfather Mohammad messenger of Allah and his pure family, and all the supporters of Allah in every nation from mankind and jinn and of every race/gender in the ancient first comers and in the later ones, and in the upper assembly till the day of judgement..

Peace and mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon my beloveds the best and foremost supporters in the era of dialog before the appearing, (I ask Allah) for you to be in each year well, safe and winners, and firm upon the straight path till the day of Judgement, peace be upon us and upon Allah's righteous servants, and peace be to Allah upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, after this..

We are still saying: We have been away from you for so long but we did not forget you, and your staying is a joy of the eye and the remembrance of you is in the middle of the hearth, and we inform you that we stopped writing the statements for a short time and I did not do it of my own accord, and therein was a great trial from to the supporters from their Lord and (this happened) that Allah might test what was in their chests, would they get weak and and lay-back because of the Imam Mahdi's absence, or it adds to them persistence in continuing this matter? Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, you had not weakened nor you sat back and the sincere ones had not increased them except faith and firmness onto the Truth which their eyes recognized it and covered their hearts and it had confidence that they are on the manifest truth, and what is after the Truth except manifest falsehood.

O my beloveds the best and foremost supportive helpers, Allah the Lord of the worlds knows how much loves you the Imam Mahdi because of the love that your hearts gathered on it indeed it is Allah's love and the competition in loving Him and the closeness to Him, you and I are in a race to the All Merciful on the day of meeting who is of us most loved to the Lord and closest? And that is the path of whom Allah guided from His close servants in every nation. In confirming to the word of Allah the Most High: {They seek (Al-Waseela) the means of access to their Lord — whoever of them is nearest — and they hope for His mercy and fear His chastisement. Surely the chastisement of thy Lord is a thing to be cautious of.}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Esra] 17:57

O my beloveds in Allah's love, we are folks Allah loves them and they love Him and we seek thriving day and night to make the people a one nation upon the straight path, we do not compel the people onto the belief in the All Merciful, so let him who please believe, and let him who please disbelieve, and we seek to remove the oppression of a man against his fellow man, and we treat the Muslim and the unbeliever by the treatment of the religion as the believers treat each others, and we respect the disbelievers and we treat them in the well manners, and we show them kindness and deal with them justly, and we seek to achieve the global peace among the human population, and to achieve the peaceful living between the Muslim and the infidel, and we respect the infidels and we offer for them the appreciation and respect, and we treat them with kindness and fairness as (He) ordered us in His decisive Book the great Quran in the word of Allah the Most High: {Allah forbids you not respecting those who fight you not for religion, nor drive you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly. Surely Allah loves the doers of justice.}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Mumtahina] 60:8

Perhaps one of the Questioners would like to interrupt the Awaited Mahdi and say: "Wait O you Imam Nasser Mohammad, didn't Allah say in the decisive Reminder: {You would not find a people who believe in Allah and the latter day loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even though they be their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kinsfolk. These are they into whose hearts He has impressed faith, and strengthened them with a Spirit from Himself, and He will cause them to enter Gardens wherein flow rivers, abiding therein. Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased with Him. These are Allah’s party. Now surely it is Allah’s party who are the successful!}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Mujadila] 58:22?". Then he leaves happily proud, claiming that he raised the argument against the Awaited Mahdi from the decisive Reminder.

Then replies to him the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni, and I say: O folks what is wrong with you do not under stand the news nor you differentiate between the infidel who opposes Allah and His messenger, and the infidel who does not oppose Allah nor His messenger? In fact the difference is great between the infidel who fight against Allah and His messenger and wanting to extinguish Allah's light, and the infidel who does not oppose Allah nor His messenger nor he did follow the True call from his Lord because he did not believe in Allah's message to the worlds; otherwise he does not fight the Muslim nor he seeks to prevent spreading their religion.

O community of the questioners, Allah just forbidden you regarding those who fight against Allah and His messenger; it means those who are fighting Allah and they want extinguish Allah's light to befriend them, in fact Allah commanded you to declare enmity and hatred between them and you. In confirming to the word of Allah the Most High: {O you who believe, take not My enemy and your enemy for friends. Would you offer them love, while they deny the Truth that has come to you, driving out the Messenger and yourselves because you believe in Allah, your Lord? If you have come forth to strive in My way and to seek My pleasure, would you love them in secret? And I know what you conceal and what you manifest. And whoever of you does this, he indeed strays from the straight path.(1) If they overcome you, they will be your enemies, and will stretch forth their hands and their tongues towards you with evil, and they desire that you may disbelieve.(2) Your relationships and your children would not profit you, on the day of Resurrection — He will decide between you. And Allah is Seer of what you do.(3) Indeed, there is for you a good example in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: We are clear of you and of that which you serve besides Allah. We disbelieve in you and there has arisen enmity and hatred between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone — except Abraham’s saying to his sire: I would ask forgiveness for thee, and I control naught for you from Allah. Our Lord, on You do we rely, and to You do we turn, and to You is the eventual coming.(4) Our Lord, make us not a trial for those who disbelieve, and forgive us, our Lord. Surely You are the Mighty, the Wise.(5) Certainly there is for you in them a good example, for him who hopes for Allah and the Last Day. And whoever turns away, surely Allah is the Self-Sufficient, the Praised.(6) It may be that Allah will bring about friendship between you and those of them whom you hold as enemies. And Allah is Powerful; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.(7) Allah forbids you not respecting those who fight you not for religion, nor drive you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly. Surely Allah loves the doers of justice.(8) Allah forbids you only respecting those who fight you for religion, and drive you forth from your homes and help (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends of them; and whoever makes friends of them, these are the wrongdoers.(9)}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Mumtahina] 60:1-9

What is the matter with you? O community of the questioners you do not differentiate between who opposes Allah and His messenger, and the infidel who does not oppose Allah and His messenger, despite that he is disbelieving in the call of Allah's messengers, but he does not fight their call to worship Allah, Him Alone, no partners for Him, and those are from the infidels whom Allah commanded you to befriend them and to deal with them justly and treat them in the treatment of religion, and to be kind to them and honoring them until you earn their hearts by the mercy in your hearts, then you end up forcing their minds upon thinking in this religion of mercy from the Lord of the worlds Who commands in kindness to mankind and the animal, and the treatment with justice among the people and removing the injustice of man against his fellow man, so do not repel the people away from Allah's religion my beloveds for Allah's pleasure, in fact Allah have sent you a mercy for the worlds, so do not be hard on them then you repel their hearts, far from, vary far; only the call to Allah is by the wisdom and the goodly encouraging-advice, for that Allah enjoined in the call to Him with wisdom and goodly encouraging-advice. In confirming to the word of Allah the Most High: {Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and goodly encouraging-advice, and argue with them in the best manner. Surely your Lord knows best him who strays from His path, and He knows best those who go aright.}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Nahl] 16:125

O community of Al-Qaida organization follow me I guide you to a balanced path, Allah just gave me of the knowledge that you do not get, stop killing the believers and the disbelievers, Indeed by Allah Who there is no God but Him, surely if you are harming Allah's religion more than your benefit to Allah's religion, despite that you are not agents to Allah's enemies, but your policy in the basics of striving (in the way of Allah) is wrong, so keep your religious duty and fear Allah, and follow me I guide you to the straight path, you are the struggling ones who sold themselves and their wealth to Allah, and Allah would never accept your bargain which you have made, neither your wealth nor yourselves and Allah's anger is upon you until you turn to Allah and repent totally from shedding blood and the mischief on earth, because your struggle is built on wrong foundation a great wrong.

Perhaps one from Al-Qaida organization in Yemen would like to interrupter the Awaited Mahdi, and say: "O Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni, but we are loyal-friends of Allah we are fighting who fought Allah from the infidels, and who befriended them then he is from them". Then the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni replies to him and I say: O community of the Muslims the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni met with one of the individuals from Al-Qaida organization few days ago, so he said: "Ah how sweet sniping at the military in Yemen!" So I said to him: "Why do you kill the Yemeni military?" Then he said: "Didn't America fight us from the sky and the Yemeni military from the ground? therefore who befriended them then he is from them!". Then I said to him: Then I will write a reply to you at the global table of dialogue (website of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni the Islamic good news forum) so my reply benefits a whole nation rather than one person benefits while I talk him in privet.

And here had come the decree in the written Book of my reply, and I say to him: O Muslim if you were a Muslim, surely the Muslim is who the people were safe from his harm and injury, and I call Allah to witness a testimony I would be held accountable upon it in front of Allah, according to my knowledge and my certainty in what I know that the Yemeni military do not fight out of love to America or loyalty for the disbelievers, Allah the Lord of the world forbids, but you had put the president Ali Abdu Allah Salih between two choices; either that he fight you with his army or the enemies of Allah make an excuse in the defense of their interest and bringing the military basses to Yemen for the protection of their interest, then the country becomes colonized by disbelieving people so they enter Yemen without a war nor defending the homeland and its security because of the excuse which Al-Qaida organization made for them without an intention from Al-Qaida organization nor deliberately, but you politics O community of Al-Qaida organization brought to the Muslim countries colonization easily and conveniently, because they come with their forces to protect their interest with the excuse that the country could not protect their interest.

And I am the Imam Mahdi I testify for Allah the testimony of the certain Truth that the president Ali Abdu Allah Salih was not a loyal friend to an infidel ever against the religion of Islam and the Muslims but you forced him to fight you, so if he did not fight you and protect the interest of America in Yemen then America will come with its military forces to Yemen with the excuse of protecting its interest from the harm of Al-Qaida organization. Then Yemen becomes a colony with all ease and convenience, and far from , very far surely Yemen is a graveyard of who attacked it.

As for the Yemeni militant who you snipe his head by the snipers, fear Allah in him, for he is a solder serving in the life of the military to earn is living for his children for a cheap salary and then you kill him so you add an oppression to him, because he serves for guarding the security of Yemen and the Muslims in Yemen, night and day between the sun heat and the cold winter for a cheap salary then you snipe his head, what an embarrassment in front of Allah on the day of meeting Him, and he who bears iniquity is indeed disappointed. The odder than that is after killing him is you say: "Death to America and to Israel"! then the Awaited Mahdi replies to you and I say: By Allah yes, death is to who fight the Muslims and their religion from the worlds altogether, and we do not hope death to whom do not fight us in Allah's religion in fact we show them kindness and deal with them justly, but you killed your Yemeni brethren and they are not from America nor Israel; but by Allah those solders who you are killing them they hate who fought Islam the Muslims from America and Israel; and they are not of the loyal friends who is enemy of Allah, nor I call innocent of wrong the president Ali Abdu Allah Salih, he just committed a serious mistake by accepting an American airplanes without a pilot flies in the Yemeni airspace and payed a price for this serious mistake, and they are the ones who hit him with a missile from an airplane without a pilot in Al-Nahdain mosque, I testify for Allah the people of an American origin they do not fight the Muslims and their religion, but whom they fight the Muslims and their religion from the American people are folks of Jewish origin and they do not belong to the American people the racial relationship only they naturalized and their forefather since a long time age, so they became Americans and became of who make the decisions in the American government, so do not make enmity to any American did not fight in your religion, nor you make enmity to any Jewish did not fight you in your religion, so fear Allah and obey Allah's commandment in His decisive Book in the word of Allah the Most High: {And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you and do not transgress. Surely Allah dose not love the aggressors.(190) And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out, and persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it; so if they fight you (in it), slay them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.(191)}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Baqara] 2:190-191

And you know that the meant statement in this verse that Allah did not allow for you except in fighting who are fighting you, and as for those who did not fight you in your religion then Allah allows you no authority against them, because they are peaceful and not enemies against the Muslims nor they are fighting you, those Allah did not make an authority for you against them. In confirming to the word of Allah the Most High: { So if they withdraw from you and fight you not and offer you peace, then Allah allows you no way against them.}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Nisa] 4:90

O people indeed whoever killed an American or Jewish with the excuse that he is of the American people or of the Jewish people and he did not fight you in your religion Allah's wrath upon who did that, and his sin is in the Book as if he killed the people altogether, so fear Allah and know that the struggle in Allah's path is upon basis vacant from oppression of a man for his fellow man because Allah did not command you in the struggle except to remove the oppression off you and to remove man's oppression off his fellow man.

O community of Al-Hothians whom are besieging their fellow Sunnis in Damaj, and they want to erase them from Saada, as if the Sunnis are Jews sons of Qinqaa! Who would protect you from Allah's chastisement O who divided you religion into sects Shiites and Sunnis? So fear Allah (keep your duty to Him) altogether and be brethren of Allah's servants, aren't you Shiites and Sunnis worshiping Allah the One God? Then who made lawful for you killing each other? Don't you fear Allah?

O community of who divided their religion into sects and parties and each party is happy in what they have and they claim that they are the surviving ones, and claim that they the people whom are upon the straight path, and far from, very far.. Indeed by Allah were not on the straight path whom calling to divide the Muslims into sects and parties of all the Muslims, those are from the chastised and not of the saved from Allah's chastisement. In confirming to the word of Allah the Most High: {And be not like those who became divided and disagreed after clear arguments had come to them. And for them is a grievous chastisement.}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Emran] 3:105

Where is the survival for you from Allah's chastisement? Only the group who would be saved are whom they do not call to multiple partisanship in the religion of Allah, because the party of Allah on earth is one party, whoever worship Allah, Him Alone, no partner for Him and follows Allah's Book and the True sunna of His messenger without belonging to party neither sectarian nor denominational.

Her he is the Awaited Mahdi, Allah just sent him in the predetermined decree in the written Book, forbidding you the pluralism of sectarianism in Allah's religion, (I am) an upright Muslim and I am not of the polytheists, I call to Allah upon certain knowledge from my Lord and I order you to follow Allah's Book and the True sunna of His messenger which does not violate the decisive-law of what Allah sent-down, and I declare the total disbelief in the pluralism of sectarianism in Allah's religion, and I declare the disbelief in pluralism for the political parties under what is named democracy which added the Muslims division and scattering.

O my beloveds for Allah's pleasure the whole Muslims, I swear by Allah the Great my Lord and your Lord and the Lord of the worlds and Lord of all things and He owns it, indeed I am the Awaited Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni, Allah selected me a khalifa on earth to keep-up justice among people and to remove man's injustice off his fellow man, and should not be for the True Imam Mahdi that Allah sends a follower to your desires or being courteous to you on the account of Allah's pleasure fearing from you, far from, very far.. hoe I fear you and you are servants like me? In fact Allah more worthy that I fear Him and to follow His pleasure, so I do not care for your pleasure neither we care for your praise nor your blame in a thing of your Muslim or your infidel; Only Allah my Guardian an excellent Guardian and an excellent Helper, so whoever wanted to plan evil against the Awaited Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni because he calls to worshiping Allah, Him Alone, no partner for Him, and he calls to reunite the Muslims and gather them to one word and unifying their rank and nullifying the pluralism of sects and parties in the religion of Allah, and whoever, the Awaited Mahdi's call did not please him then let him seek to plan against the Awaited Mahdi and we shall know how Allah helps him and defends him. In confirming to the word of Allah the Most High: {Surely Allah defends those who believe. Surely Allah loves not anyone who is unfaithful, ungrateful.}Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Hajj] 22:38

Have I called you to disbelief in Allah? Or did I call you to worshiping other than Allah? And did I call you to follow other than Allah's Book? So how Allah dose not defend His servant and He is the Truth and His promise is True? Whoever rely upon Allah, He is sufficient for him, surely Allah attains His purpose but most people do not know, and all matter returns to Allah, He knows the the deceitful eyes and what the hearts in the chests conceal, and to Him is the resurrection, the most excellent Guardian and the most excellent Helper, Allah is sufficient for me, no god except Him, upon Him I relied and He is the Lord of the great throne.

O president Ali Abdu Allah Salih, by Allah Who is no God other than Him, you would never find for you an exit neither a savior nor a shelter from what you fear except the acknowledgement in Allah's khalifa and His servant the Imam Mahdi and handing over the leadership of the capital of the global Islamic khilafet to Allah's khalifa on earth the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni, so rescue your self rescue the Yemeni people and rescue the whole world by handing over the leadership to the Awaited Imam Mahdi, Allah will never make reconciliation between you and the opposition ever, because you refused and went to the national court of injustice; that is the law of satan (Taghoot), and who is better than Allah to judge for a believing people? If it was a court of justice as they claim it would have removed the oppression off the people of Palestine and they know by this, so how do you resort to a court kept quite about the injustice and one ear of clay and another ear of dough (in other words deaf ears) over more than fifty years and the people of Palestine under the weight of the oppressors? I ask Allah to have mercy on my beloveds in Allah's love the people of Palestine, if the people of the world are not merciful for them let them know that they have a Lord Most Merciful in them than the worlds altogether, Allah is Most Merciful than those who have mercy, so they should nor give-up of His mercy and His True promise, and He is Most Merciful than all the merciful ones.

Peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds..
Brother of mankind by the blood from Eve and Adam; The Awaited Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni.


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